Privacy Policy

We respect security and privacy, and we will make every step to safeguard your personal data.

This is why we've created this Policy to provide clarity on the ways we collect and use, share as well as how we share and use personal information.

The information we collect is used solely to process your purchase. We do not share or sell any of your personal information to any other person.

We operate our business in compliance with these guidelines to ensure that the that your privacy is secured and kept secure.

The basic

Before or during the process when we collect personal data, we will identify the purpose of the data being taken.

  1. The data we collect is used to use personal information solely to meet the criteria set out by us, and for other purposes in line with the requirements without having consent from the individual concerned or as legally required.
  2. We will only retain personal information for the time necessary to meet the purpose for which it was gathered.
  3. We collect personal information by fair and legal means and, in the case, it is necessary, with the knowledge or consent of the person in the process.
  4. Personal information must be relevant to the reason it will be used when it is required for the purposes, they must be correct and complete. Also, it should be current.
  5. We will protect personal information with appropriate security precautions to protect against loss or theft and from unauthorized access copies of disclosure and use, as well as alteration.
  6. We will send customers information about our procedures and policies relating to the handling of personal information.
  7. Some transactions will be processed using Paypal's secured system. Other payments are processed using our secure gateway for payments, without any sensitive financial information being input on our site. A secure way to accept payments is made through SSL encryption.
  8. We are able to collect and save certain details about your transaction such as the kind of credit card you use and your expiration date, as well as the last four digits of your credit card's numbers.
  9. We don't however retain or store the entire payment card number. Our third-party processor is responsible for all transactions.

Use of Information

We use your data to offer, analyze the outcomes of our analysis and to manage, improve our marketing and services and to manage your registration, orders and payment and to keep you updated on these subjects and much more.

  1. For example we make use of the information to:
    Stop, recognize and research possible prohibited or illegal actions like fraud and enforce our conditions.
  2. Learn about and analyze our users' preferences and enhance the quality of our products (including the user experience on the interface)

Disclosure of Information

We employ other companies and agents, and Contractors ("Service Providers") to complete duties for us, or assist us with providing services.

We're for instance, employ Service Providers to provide the marketing communication, infrastructure for advertising and IT services that enable us to tailor and improve our services.

To process transactions with credit cards and other payment methods, to provide assistance to customers and take debts in order to analyse and improve the quality of the data (including data about interactions of users who use our services) as well as to conduct and manage consumer surveys.

In the course to provide these solutions the Service Providers may be capable of accessing your personal data and other information. We do not give them the right to access or share personal information , other than for the providing their services.Thanks For Reading Our Privacy Policy.